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This cream can reduce your waistline within 30 days

As is well known, achieving the desired body shape requires a lot of exercise and diet control. However, considering the time and energy required for these efforts, some women tend to seek quick solutions to achieve their goals, and this anti-fat thermal cream is one of them.


Improve issues such as belly fat, flabby arms, mommy hips, thunder thighs, cellulite, dull skin tone, and insomnia.
Promote metabolism, improve fat deposits, accelerate fat burning, reduce stretch marks, and restore perfect curves.
Prevent fat absorption and increase energy expenditure.


Capsaicin, peppermint oil, bergamot oil, ginger root oil, blue eucalyptus oil, grapefruit, cinnamon, caffeine, white camphor oil, sweet orange peel oil, aloe leaf extract, honeysuckle, Chinese yam, green tea, wormwood, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, sea cucumber, collagen powder, propolis, centipede, safflower and Sophora flavescens. The combination of these ingredients can help eliminate cellulite, reduce stretch marks, and eliminate fat concentrated between dermal wrinkles.


This slimming cream is a type of hot cream that, when applied to the body, immediately increases the temperature of the applied area. Its natural oils and ingredients free from hydroxybenzoate esters are designed to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks, while reducing fat concentrated between dermal folds.

Its soothing formula contains mint and pine, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it an effective massage cream that can deeply relax muscles, even out skin tone, and tighten the body.

Capsaicin in the chili extract can increase body temperature, promote metabolism, accelerate fat burning, and reduce the formation of fat cells.

Catechins in green tea have antioxidant properties and promote fat oxidation, helping to reduce fat accumulation.

Menthol in mint can promote fat breakdown and energy expenditure.

Caffeine can increase the metabolic rate and promote fat oxidation.

Naringin in grapefruit can increase metabolism and fat oxidation.

Why choose fat-burning gel slimming cream?

Reduce fat accumulation: Anti-fat thermal cream contains specific ingredients that can help accelerate fat metabolism and breakdown, reducing the accumulation of fat in the body.

Boost metabolism: The ingredients in the thermal cream can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, promoting fat burning and energy expenditure, which helps reduce fat accumulation and improve overall metabolic rate.

Firm the skin: The ingredients in anti-fat thermal cream can promote collagen production, helping to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Enhance workout effectiveness: Applying anti-fat thermal cream before or during exercise can increase skin temperature and blood circulation, improving workout effectiveness and fat-burning rate.


1.HOT CREAM: Our powerful slimming cream can produce heat quickly to eliminate excess substances in the body and inhibit the absorption of excess nutrients. Suitable for all types of obesity. Burn fat mainly for waist, abdomen, legs and other parts. Promote faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue. Ideal for woman and man who want to slim.

2.FAST SLIM EFFECT: Before getting up and sleep daily, apply proper amount and massage using the circular motions ( for 10~20 minutes ) until absorption. Gradual release mechanism through the night, give you spectacular firming and smoothing skin surface effect. Helps to shape nice and attractive body. It\'s recommended for use during dieting and effectively increase physical activity. You will see obvious effect

3.NO SIDE EFFECT: 100% Natural organic content. The texture is light and easy to absorb, promote metabolism, it helps to tighten and lubricate the muscles, strengthen muscles. Bring you a healthy face and firm body lines. Rapid and healthy weight loss, safe without any side effects.

4.INCREASE PERSPIRATION: Simply burn extra calories by increasing your body circulation, body temperature and sweat during your workout. Burning fat and toxins at same time, leaving you health and smooth skin.

5.SMOOTH AND TIGHT SKIN: Mild and skin-friendly formula provides skin with more nourishing ingredients, which can quickly be absorbed into the skin. Help promote breaking down the fat cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Improving the slack skin, making your skin tight and tender


1. After bath or shower , apply an appropriate amount over at your palm.
2. Massage from the bottom up into the target areas that you want to slim down.
3. Wash it off after 20 minutes.
4. Use alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise for better results.


Aviod eyes and mucus membranes including ears,nose,mouth,genital,urethral,anu and other sensitive areas.Wash your hands after application.Pleasr use a small amoount first on a small area,leave and continue if you are comfortable to proceed.

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